Join our 5 week mens haircutting course every Monday



Learn all fundamental men's haircuts that you need to be an expert cutter in the salon giving you the skills to do clients with the highest of standard confidently. 




Do you want to learn mens haircuts in London?
During our Men's 5 week course you will study classic men’s techniques of scissor over comb together with layering, graduation and lines. Essential variations will show how these fundamental techniques combine to produce a complete range of contemporary shapes which, when perfected give the platform to create a comprehensive repertoire of looks. Throughout the course you will also study how proportion, suitability and bone structure impact on the choice of techniques and be able to implement this into your everyday men’s work. Practical hands on workshops, demonstrations and theory will give you the perfect platform to hone and develop your skills in a stimulating and creative environment.
Ideal as a finishing course or for recently qualified hair professionals who want to perfect their barbering skills. This course is also perfect for those who wish to revisit our classic mens cutting techniques.

Where: SLATE Academy in Soho, London 

Price: £1000 Inc VAT

Duration: 5 weeks Every Monday except bank holidays & December. 

Awarded: SLATE Diploma.

When: Every Monday except bank holidays.


When can I start:

Any Monday available in 2024 and complete 5 weeks after: 


Apr-  8    15    22    29

May-  6    13    20    27

Jun-  3    10    17    24

Jul-  1    8    15    22    29

Aug-  5    12    19    26

Sep-  2    9    16    23    30

Oct-  7    14    21    28

Nov-  4    11    18    25


Can't make one Monday? no problem continue your course the following Monday. 


Payment plans:

Deposit: £250

Start date: £250

2 weeks after start: £250

4 weeks after start: £250

total payment: £1,000


    • Demonstrations
    • Practical sessions
    • Suitability, proportions and bone structure lecture
    • Layering techniques
    • Graduated techniques
    • Combining techniques
    • Scissors & clipper over comb technique
    • Disconnection techniques
    • Working with partings lecture
    • Finishing hair using product