Join our 16 week salon ready course every Monday



Learn all fundamental woman's & men's haircuts that you need to be an expert cutter in the salon, plus salon styling, giving you the skills to do clients with the highest of standards confidently. 




Do you want to learn hairdressing in London or are you already a hairstylist and want to perfect your skills in a haircutting course getting you salon ready to do clients?
There is no finer beginning/refinement course than the 16 weeks salon ready Slate Diploma course. Every one of the key cutting techniques that's fundamental in men's & women's haircutting is covered on this course. 
The course is divided into 4 in-depth stages covering all of the subjects needed to fast track you to hairdressing success. Including; personal guidance and mentoring from Slate instructors throughout all sessions; a max 6 students to 1 teacher ratio (the best in London); theory and practical assignments as you progress; a personal appraisal at the end of each stage to ensure you are achieving your goals.
Hairdressing courses for adults in London. No formal experience is necessary, from experienced stylist wanting to prefect foundation skills to the highest level, or beginners wanting to learn how to be hairdresser and master the craft of cutting, then this course is for you!

Where: SLATE Academy in Soho, London 

Price: £2,500 Inc VAT

Duration: 16 weeks Every Monday except bank holidays & December. 

Awarded: SLATE Diploma.

When: Every Monday except bank holidays.

What if I can I attend a Monday: not a problem to miss a Monday, course will continue the following Monday and finish one week later 

When can I start:

Any Monday available in 2024 and complete 16 weeks after: 


Apr-  8    15    22    29

May-  6    13    20    27

Jun-  3    10    17    24

Jul-  1    8    15    22    29

Aug-  5    12    19    26

Sep-  2    9    16    23    30

Oct-  7    14    21    28

Nov-  4    11    18    25


Payment plans:

Deposit: £500

Start date: £500

4 weeks after start: £500

8 weeks after start: £500

12 weeks after start: £500

total payment: £2,500


  • Salon styling
  • Consultations
  • Comb, clips & sectioning
  • Body position 
  • Client comfort 
  • Salon performance 



  • Woman's cutting classic 
  • Long layers to open and close the face (round & triangle) 
  • Medium layers mullets and shags (square)
  • One lengths (round, square, triangle) 
  • graduation classic (triangle)
  • short soft graduation (round)
  • strong graduation (square)



  • Mens Cutting  
  • short layers 
  • graduated side layered top 
  • side parting 
  • scissor over comb 



  • live model practice 



Have any questions about SLATE's long term courses? Just drop us an email and will be happy to answer any question you have! Alternatively you can contact Michael on +447799526118 for a chat about your educational needs.